Greetings from Kuno Gerber

I was born on September 8, 1944 in Witten. Ordinary family, my father was a driver, my mother was a housewife. After graduating from school I completed a commercial apprenticeship. For would have been drafted to military service anyway, I completed this right afterwards. Then working life started. After work I went to the Bochum College for Administration and Economics. After six semesters followed by a revision course, I got the certificate of a Master of Business Administration. 

I did not fancy working as a clerk. Due to this I informed my parents about me (without any resources) becoming self-employed. What a drama!

On the first of November in 1975 I founded KGW Gerber stainless steel Witten (K=Kuno, G=Gerber,W=Witten). The company was engaged, as it is today, in the trading and distribution of stainless and acid-resistant steel sheets and strips. Until today things were constantly looking up. The current status: today I have a managing director for about four years and I consider myself to be a consultant for the company.

KGW supplies eka Edelstahlkamine in Untersteinach (near Kulmbach). The company became ramshackle and due to the intervention of Mr. Seehofer (brother of the Bavarian prime minister) I took it over in 1989. At that time circa 35 employees ware manufacturing exhaust systems for about 4 million € . Nowadays up to 200 people were employed, who achieve a turnover of more than 26 million €. I sold my shares in December 2012.


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