About our company

The KGW GERBER Edelstähle GmbH can look back upon a nearly 40-year-old history. The company was founded on November 3, 1975 in Witten-Rüdinghausen by the merchant Kuno Gerber. The office was then still in a backroom of the Gerbers‘family residence. Metal sheet cuts were manufactured in an old barn, which were sold to the constantly rising number of customers then.

About two years later, at the beginning of June in 1977 the company was relocated to Witten-Stockum. The delivery program was extended, so that more and more consumers, coming from various areas, could be provided. Since this time the company is engaged in the sale of stainless and acid-resistant steel sheets and strips within Germany. Stainless steel – sheet cuttings were manufactured with guillotine shears, which is still, nowadays of course brought into line with the latest state of the art, a significant part of our business activity.

Caused to the early success of the company the existing facilities became too small very soon. A larger location was necessary which arised at the Mewer Ring where the company headquarters can be found until today. Completion of the new office- and warehouse complex was in August 1980.

Another ten years on, on June 19 in 1990, the form of company changed. The individually owned enterprise was transformed into the KGW Gerber Edelstähle GmbH. Kuno Gerber, founder of the company, became managing director.

The company changed more and more from classical trading to service and processing. With second choice cut-to-size sheets at the beginning, today many custumers use our possibilities as an extended workbench. According to this development the first shear for round segments was bought in 2005 to offer benefits in procurement of materials especially for the lighting industry of the Sauerland region. Furthermore the delivery possibilities were extended to precision strip steels and spring band steels to make us able to operate as a reliable and flexible service-oriented company today.

The company kept on growing. So there was a branch office opened in the Upper Franconian Untersteinach in September 2009 to be able to improve the supervision of the Eastern and Southern Region of Germany from this place. On December 31 in 2010 Kuno Gerber handed over the company’s management to the current managing director Kai Bützler after 35 years.

In view of the changing manufacturing situation in Europe, today we are dealing with the worldwide procurement of stainless steel. With our excellent contacs we secure further chances to meet the future challenges with this global network.

We face the future with confidence, due to our motto:

    ;             ;             ;             ;             ;             ;             ;             ;   Stainless not brainless